No one could deal with what went on behind Cheryl and Liam at the Brits 3 years ago

No one could deal with what went on behind Cheryl and Liam at the Brits

"Not drunk, just living my truth."

Ah, the Brit Awards.


They've barely just begun and we've already had Dua Lipa looking fire in a giant dress, Ariana Grande tragically having to pull out, and Cheryl and Liam desperately trying to quell the rumours about their apparent imminent split.

And we have to say, after seeing those pics of the two of them on the red carpet together, we were pretty certain they were going to end up being the talk of the night.

And they are... but not for that reason.

While Cheryl and Liam were trying to discuss their bedroom safe word (we honestly don't want to know), Este Haim of the band Haim decided she wanted to get in on the action.

And oh, she did indeed.


There she is, there. Delighted just to be a part of it.

It wasn't long before people began picking up on just how gas Este was being... and wondering whether she was super drunk.


One publication who ran with this was the Lad Bible - primarily because loads of people on Twitter were wondering it too.

Este, however, was quick to correct them saying she's "not drunk, just living my truth."



And, in fairness to Este, if your truth is winking at the camera, applying lipstick, and miming that people should give you a ring, who are we to judge?

It's our truth too.