These are the obscure Easter eggs hidden in every Pixar movie 4 years ago

These are the obscure Easter eggs hidden in every Pixar movie

We're huge fans of Pixar - but we can't believe we never spotted these. 

Disney and Pixar have become well known over the years for the habit of hiding some blink-and-you-miss-it Easter eggs within their films.


For those who don't know, other than being a delicious treat we'll be eating by the handful today, an Easter egg is a hidden item placed in a movie or television show for close watchers.

From Boo giving Sully a Nemo toy in Monster’s Inc to the postcard from Up hanging in Andy’s room in Toy Story 3, we’ve seriously loved trying to figure them all out.

But it turns out there’s been a whole different set of easter eggs that we’ve totally missed.

There's been a nod to A113, a classroom at the California Institute of Arts where many Pixar employees got their start in - and it’s been carefully hidden in every movie.


The Toy Story Facebook page recently shared a clip including every A113 reference, from Toy Story up until Cars 3. 

While some of them are a little more noticeable, like the licence plate in Toy Story, there's plenty that are definitely discreet.

We can't believe we never saw these before...


The move seems to definitely confirm the longtime theory that all of Pixar's movies happen in the same universe - which we kind of figured was the case, anyways.

But either way, we now know that Pixar are even craftier than we once thought.