OFFICIAL: Animaniacs is making a comeback with the original voice cast 1 year ago

OFFICIAL: Animaniacs is making a comeback with the original voice cast

It’s time for…

There are certain gags and seemingly innocent moments from beloved childhood TV shows that are just riddled with innuendo and adult-themed jokes. However, because you're a kid, these risky gags usually fly over your head.


Animaniacs is definitely one of those risky shows!

Aside from bringing us a series of brilliant skits, introducing the world to characters such as The Goodfeathers, Chicken Boo, Pinky and the Brain and of, course, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, the beloved cartoon was brimming with racy jokes.

A Warner Brothers production with Steven Spielberg on board as executive producer, the show was groundbreaking in terms of its writing and unique blend of physical comedy.

Anyway, the show's return has been known for quite some time and Voice actor Rob Paulsen (Pinky, Yakko Warner, Dr. Otto Scratchensniff) has confirmed that the original voice cast will be returning for the new episodes.

We're confident that they'll be able to take over the world!


There's some bad news however because The Animaniacs' next two seasons will only be shown on the streaming service, Hulu.

And, at least for now, that only works in the United States - meaning anyone hoping to tune in in Ireland will be facing a bit of a problem.

However, we're confident that they'll be shown over here too.

If you need a reminder about just how good the show is, the following clip will definitely do it.

Seriously, the amount of racy gags here is fantastic.


The world needs Pinky and the Brain back together.

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