OFFICIAL: Sky will be showing the two-hour documentary about Game of Thrones 1 year ago

OFFICIAL: Sky will be showing the two-hour documentary about Game of Thrones

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Your watch ends with a behind-the-scenes epic.

After 73 episodes, eight seasons, seven kingdoms, the War of the Five Kings, three dragons, and thousands of deaths, we're extremely sad to know that one thing is for certain.

After the final episode of Game of Thrones airs, we can all say "and now our watch is ended".

Yep, the finale of Game of Thrones is going to be emotional and we might even shed more tears than a guest at The Red Wedding.

With so many issues still to be decided, the very last episode is bound to be a rollercoaster of emotions as Westeros faces up to the reality that The Mad Queen is here and that she values fear over love.

Will Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen avenge the innocent people that died when Dany unleashed Drogon on King's Landing? Does Jon have what it takes to kill the Queen and take the Iron Throne?

To be fair, after he refused to pet Ghost, he's clearly dead inside so anything is possible!

When the final credits roll on the final Game of Thrones episode, we're all going to be more heartbroken than the moment we said goodbye to Hodor, but to soften the blow, there will be a a two-hour documentary that's dedicated to the people that built the realm.

The Last Watch is Jeanie Finlay's documentary and it will offer a fly on the wall look at the making of Season 8 while paying tribute to all the talented people that worked on the beloved show.

As you can see below, Sky "plan to broadcast Game of Thrones: The Last Watch on Monday, 27 May at 21:00pm on Sky Atlantic."

It's going to be emotional.

Here's a taste of what's in store.

Clip via GameofThrones