One of our favourite shows of the 90s is being rebooted (with a slight twist) 2 years ago

One of our favourite shows of the 90s is being rebooted (with a slight twist)

The Party is getting re-started.

Almost 20 years after it first ended, Party of Five is coming back to the small screen.

Freeform has given a pilot order for the reboot of the popular family drama, which ran in North America from 1994 until 2000.

The original series followed the five Salinger siblings - Bailey, Charlie, Julia, Claudia and their little brother, Owen - and how they banded together after their parents were killed in a car accident.

But, according to The Hollywood Reporterthe reboot will follow the five Buendias children as they try to get through day-to-day life after their parents are suddenly deported back to Mexico.

The original series' creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman will serve as writers and executive producers on the new series.

Michal Zebede will write and co-executive produce, while Rodrigo Garcia is set to direct and also executive produce.

The network is also developing a new series baed on the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra, who after being exiled as a young woman, decides to stand up against the patriarchy and fight back for her freedom and rightful place as heir.

It will chronicle her rise and transition to becoming the first, last and only female pharaoh. And, of course, the love triangle that ended up changing the world forever.