Reality TV show One Night With My Ex starts on Irish TV tonight 1 year ago

Reality TV show One Night With My Ex starts on Irish TV tonight

Some juicy TV in store for you tonight.

Think Love Island meets Ex on a Beach but in an apartment... kind of!


Not many people would want to spend anytime with their ex but believe it or not some people actually would, to either tell them something they never did or possibly rekindle their romance.

A brand new series, One Night With My Ex, starts tonight on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm.

In the series "three former couples are put to the ultimate test to see if they are destined to be together or should permanently stick the nail in the coffin."

Of course you can expect loads of drama and some sparks might fly over the six weeks in this reality series like no other.


The ex couples have been put up "in a luxurious apartment for one night only, curious to find out if the fire between them is still alight or if their separate ways is where they should stay."

So the couples only stay in the apartment for 24 hours, and they use that time whatever way they want to. We can definitely expect a lot of talking, which could lead to either kissing or fighting... who knows!

The reasons the couples broke up in the first place ranges from cheating to lying to just growing apart. So there's a lot to be discussed. So, the age old saying "if it's meant to be" definitely plays part in this series.

Some couples might even end up getting back together and we're all for it. One thing's for sure is that it will be entertaining - and we are here for some entertainment.


One Night With My Ex kicks off on Virgin Media Two tonight at 9pm, so get the popcorn ready and park yourself on the couch for some top class breakup entertainment.