Patrick J. Adams on how Suits will handle Meghan Markle's absence in the final season 3 months ago

Patrick J. Adams on how Suits will handle Meghan Markle's absence in the final season

Patrick J. Adams has spoken about how Suits will handle the absence of Meghan Markle's Rachel Zane in the final season.

The actor, who played Mike Ross, exited the legal drama alongside the now-Duchess of Sussex back in 2018.

However, it was announced back in June that he would be reprising his role as Mike for the final season - and now he's revealed the first details at what fans can expect from his return.

He told Entertainment Tonight:

"For Mike, this is just a trip to New York. He's in Seattle, [Mike and Rachel] are building their life together, it sounds like he's doing well."

And while Meghan may not be able to return for the final season, Adams said that Suits will still be addressing her character's absence.

He explained:

"It seems to me like Mike's in a great place. Whatever is happening in Seattle is really good.

"There's phone calls with Rachel saying, 'Goodbye, I love you,' and, you know, I think there's some obvious acknowledgment that she's still there and a part of the show."

And for anyone worried about the status of Mike and Rachel's relationship, the actor had one final assurance: "We're happy. I promise you, they're happy."

The series first launched in 2011, with hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter taking a gamble and hiring Mike Ross - an incredibly smart but not totally legitimate college dropout - as an associate at his firm.

Mike ended up quickly impressing the rest of his colleagues - including Jessica Pearson, Louis Litt, and Donna Paulsen - and fell in love with the law firm's best paralegal, Rachel Zane.

And while a lot has changed over the years, the show still centres around an evolved firm led by Harvey, Louis, secretary-turned-COO Donna.

The firm continues to tackle top corporate cases with the support of the formidable Alex Williams, undeniably talented Katrina Bennett, and new addition to the team, powerhouse attorney Samantha Wheeler.

Together, these top minds rely on their knowledge, wit and intuition to keep their clients at bay and the firm afloat.

The end of the legal drama will come two years after original stars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle exited the show.