Penn Badgley reveals the 'most gruesome' scene he filmed in season two of You 1 month ago

Penn Badgley reveals the 'most gruesome' scene he filmed in season two of You

Penn Badgley has revealed the "most gruesome" scene to film in season two of You.

The second season of the Netflix hit officially debuted on St. Stephen's Day, with the streaming giant renewing it for a third season earlier this week.

And to mark the launch of season two, Penn Badgley, who plays the murderous Joe Goldberg, recently went to Buzzfeed to answer fans' questions about the show.

From how they incorporate Joe's voiceovers into the show to that twist with Love, he shared all kinds of behind-the-scenes secrets from the show.

Oh, and of course, he also revealed which scene in season two had been the "most gruesome". And no, it's not the one with the meat grinder.

"When Delilah is dead on the floor of the cage, the amount of fake blood that was required to make that look real was more gruesome," he said.

The scene where Joe put Jasper's body through the meat grinder was the second most gruesome scene, as it turns out - so we can only imagine how bloody the scene with Delilah was.

The actor also shared which episode had been the "most fun" for him to film: the one where Joe and Forty are tripping on LSD.

"That was actually the most fun for me, I think, because it was the most physical, the most strange and maniacal," he explained.

And while there were plenty of stunts in the episode, including a lot of people leaving via a window, it turns out that there were even more stunts while they were filming.

"Jumping out of the window was fun. We actually had to do more stunts than you see, really," Penn continued.

"It's always fun to do physical stuff. Trying to act as though I'm weeping and tripping at the same time, that's interesting. It's fun. It's also exhausting."

  • Seasons one and two of You are currently available on Netflix. Season three is expected to debut in 2021.