People shaken after watching Netflix's 'jaw dropping' true crime documentary, Abducted In Plain Sight 2 years ago

People shaken after watching Netflix's 'jaw dropping' true crime documentary, Abducted In Plain Sight

Netflix viewers can't get over the streaming service's "jaw-dropping" new true crime documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight. 

The "twisting, turning, stranger-than-fiction" 90-minute documentary centers on the story of a young girl who was abducted - twice - by the same man.


In the early 1970s , the Broberg family met a seemingly nice man, dad-of-five Robert 'B' Berchtold, who ended up becoming a very close friends of theirs.

However, Berchtold's had his sights set on the family's 12-year-old daughter, Jan. He seduced both of her parents, Mary Ann and Bob, to manipulate them into giving him access to their young daughter.

In October 1974, he kidnapped and fled to Mexico with Jan. He tried to brainwash her, attempting to convince her she was an alien and needed to conceive a baby with him by the time of her 16th birthday to save her home planet.

Since Berchtold had become so close to the family and earned their trust, the Broberg's didn't end up calling the police until a few days had passed.

Five weeks later, Jan was returned home to her parents.

Following her promise to the "aliens" to keep what happened on the trip a secret, the young girl told her parents nothing happened.

Jan and Berchtold

Berchtold was initially arrested into kidnapping Jan, although he was soon released. He blackmailed the family into signing legal affidavits that said they had given him permission to leave the country with the young girl.

In 1976, he kidnapped Jan again.

This time, he fled with her to California, where he enrolled her in a Catholic girls' school. He visited her on the weekends by posing as her father.

She was missing for more than 100 days before she was found and returned home.


The documentary, which was released on Netflix earlier this month, features one-on-one interviews with Jan, her sisters, parents and an FBI investigator - all of whom are still haunted by the case.

Ever since its initial release, fans have been flooding Twitter with their reactions to the "jaw-dropping" and "bonkers" documentary.