People think Love Island's Eyal and Samira are together now and ah, Jaysis 3 years ago

People think Love Island's Eyal and Samira are together now and ah, Jaysis

Would ye be able?

People go on Love Island to find love - this much we know.


But people also go on Love Island to get a Boohoo sponsorship deal, to enhance their hashtag brand, and to give their 2016 modelling pics a bit more exposure.

Oh, and to make a few mates as well, we suppose.

And seeing as you're literally stuck in a villa with a load of people for max two months, it makes sense that you're going to form a few relationships that aren't strictly romantic either.

Girls and boys can be friends without wanting to ride each other, you know.

As it turns out though, lots of people don't know this because they've gone and decided that Eyal and Samira are an item now because they've been spending some time together.


And putting up a few saucy captions on the 'gram, but who among us hasn't?

The other day, Eyal shared a few pics of himself and Samira hanging out at the premier of The House With A Clock On The Walls. 

Some of the other Love Island stars were there, in their couples, and then there was Eyal and Samira having a lovely time all by themselves.

Such a lovely time, in fact, that Eyal decided to caption one of the posts "Recoupled with bae."

Interesting. Very interesting.... Only to a certain point though because Eyal later went ahead and confirmed that he and Samira weren't dating and are just friends.


He was so adamant about this fact that he told people online who were @ing him about it to "relax."

He wrote:


“My post yesterday with Samira was a joke… haha. Samira’s a very good friend of mine, we’re not dating. Relax yourselves.

"We’re good friends guys it was a joke @samiramighty" - dropping in the @ there too just to make sure that Samira also understood the, ahem, joke. 

We're sure she did.