The internet thanks Susanna Reid for this epic shut down of Piers Morgan 4 years ago

The internet thanks Susanna Reid for this epic shut down of Piers Morgan

She said what we were all thinking.

Whether it’s a big news story or not, Piers Morgan will always find a way of weaselling his way into the narrative.


Taking on some of the biggest celebrities in the world, Piers’ efforts to remain relevant have turned him into a bad caricature of the evil villain in every children’s movie ever.

However, while the rest of us can unfollow and block him from our feeds, there is one person who is forced to put up with him daily without familial ties playing a part.

Yes, Susanna Reid has a tough gig sitting next to Piers every morning on Good Morning Britain, and yesterday it seems she had enough.

When Piers started whinging about having to put up with people on social media and saying he felt forced to unfollow, it had everyone else rolling their eyes – especially Susanna.


“I know exactly what you mean,” Susanna said on yesterday’s show. “When someone just keeps going on and on and on, and you just want a break.

“You just wish you could unfriend them but you are forced every day to listen to their views.

“I know exactly how you feel.”

While the moment may have left Piers less than amused, the audience loved it and took to Twitter to share their delight.




Susanna, we thank you. However, we definitely don't envy you having to do this everyday.