This pimple popping cake video cannot be unseen and MY EYES 5 years ago

This pimple popping cake video cannot be unseen and MY EYES

I honestly cannot understand people's love for popping spots.

Anytime I ever have a spot I can hardly look at it never mind pop it, the thought of it even gives me the gawks right now.


But there are millions of people with the opposite view, so much so that a phenomenon has been built around people's LOVE of pimple popping and even more so, people's love of watching pimple's being popped. From TLC's Dr Pimple Popper to people's own original YouTube videos, these gory clips rack up millions of views from people who cannot get enough.

And now, pimple popping has taken over the confectionery sector and we are NOT OK with this cake. It cannot be unseen.

This gory cake looks like the LAST thing we'd ever want to eat but this cake company in Kuala Lumpur seems to be dishing out popping "delights" to customers who just can't get enough.

Why, why, why?


Or if the "James" cake doesn't tickle your fancy, there is the "Evelyn" cake full of acne.

Excuse me while I vom again.


Just watch how those spots "deliciously" squeeze...


Eh yeah, I think I'll stick to the Tesco chocolate bake tray cake for my birthday, thanks.