6 possible reasons why Rose's hand slid down that foggy window in Titanic 6 years ago

6 possible reasons why Rose's hand slid down that foggy window in Titanic

Titanic was released in 1997.

I was only a young slip of a thing at the time, so I wasn't allowed to watch it, nor was I particularly aware of Kate Winslet's acting prowess.


When I reached an almost suitable age to watch the film, the scene where they are blatantly riding in the car went completely over my head and I couldn't connect that rogue hand sliding down the window with the very obvious throes of passion taking place.


Here's 6 legitimate reasons I innocently concocted to understand that particular shot.


1. Rose was swatting a fly


Given the time of year and location of the Titanic during this scene, it's not unlikely that, whilst sitting in the car and having a quick chat with Jack, Rose was irritated by the buzzing and movement of a fly. Being the tough lady that she is, Rose didn't want to make Jack think she was a wimp by allowing him to do it, so she swatted the fly with excellent precision. Jack was so stunned by her bravery that they starting riding immediately.



2. Rose was instigating a high five with a nearby passenger


High fives were all the rage in 1912, I'm sure of it. Willy nilly reasons such as wearing the same shoes as someone else often merited a hearty high five among folk, and the passengers of the Titanic were no exception to that. What's very likely to have happened here is Rose was having a little sit in the car with Jack, when she spotted another passenger wearing the same frilly skirt as herself. She went in for a celebratory high five, but as we can see, the window got in her way.



3. She was checking the structural integrity of the window


Rose was doing her duty as a safety-conscious citizen by leaving the main area of the ship to keep an eye on the cars underneath. Given that cars were a relatively new phenomenon at that time, she was merely making sure that everything was structurally in order. Supposing an accident occurred, would these windows have the structural integrity to remain upright? Rose was checking how that window would cope under gentle strain. She's a hero.



4. She was checking the severity of a rash


As we all know from those petrifying adverts, if a rash fades away when you press a glass tumbler over it, you're grand and more than likely not going to die. Rose might've only noticed the beginnings of a rash as she was embarking on the Titanic's maiden voyage. Perhaps there was a shortage of glass tumblers on deck, so she used her beautiful noggin and realised that car windows are made of glass. Jack escorted her to the car in case she fainted on the way. Gentleman.


5. Rose was simply clearing the window for a better view of the carpark


For one reason or another, car windows tend to steam up. Given that it wasn't their car, Rose and Jack obviously didn't have the keys to turn it on and fire up the air conditioner. To gain a better view of the carpark, Rose clearly sacrificed the dryness and cleanliness of her hand to clear the window. Jack probably thanked her for her wonderfully innovative gesture and started riding her immediately.


6. Rose was waving at someone


Probably the most reasonable explanation for this bizarre hand movement, Rose was very obviously waving to a fellow passenger. Perhaps it was one of her family members or a stranger she had befriended during the voyage. Who are we to question it? Maybe she was being gas and acting out that steamy hand on the window scene from Titanic to one of her friends. (Did I just break the fourth wall?)


Original image via YouTube.