Prince George's reactions during the Euros match were too much 2 years ago

Prince George's reactions during the Euros match were too much

Prince George, keep doing you.

Prince George is slowly but surely turning into the cutest meme possible, his reactions to life never fail to make us smile.


Watching last night's Euros final at Wembley was no different, and the reactions the prince had to England's scorers was something else.

Prince George made our hearts swoon when he watched England's Luke Shaw score an early goal, we just wanted to run up and hug him.

As he stood watching with his parents William and Kate, their eldest son laughed and clapped when he scored the goal, no one in the stadium seemed happier than George.


The entire thing was made even more adorable by the little suit he was wearing too.

Laughing with his dad, it wasn't long before George leapt into his mum's arms for a big squeeze.


And we're definitely not the only ones loving the seven year old's passion for football, a lot of people on Twitter were head over heels for it too.

One person said: "I can’t, this is the cutest, I’m melting. Prince George hugging his mom The Duchess of Cambridge at Wembley tonight."


Another added: "Things you love to see - Prince George."

The royals , however, weren't as enthusiastic about the match when it reached the end, as England ended up losing to Italy when it came to the penalty shoot outs.