PSA: Another Sally Rooney novel, Conversations With Friends, is also being adapted into a TV show 3 years ago

PSA: Another Sally Rooney novel, Conversations With Friends, is also being adapted into a TV show

Gimme that sweet, sweet upsetting content.

Normal People has made Ireland a better place. This is not a statement that warrants debate, it is simply fact.


The BBC Three series has presented a version of a modern love story rarely seen on TV, one that is as uplifting as it devastating, important as it is defining.

The story is one that will inevitably refuse to leave us for a long time, reigniting an often forgotten love for the Irish midlands and a new fascination with the work of author Sally Rooney.

The novel has understandably experienced a surge in sales since the series began, but Normal People isn't the only incredibly successful book that Rooney's got under her belt.

And it's not the only one that's being adapted into a series either.


Conversations With Friends, Rooney's debut, is also being made into a BBC Three show, meaning that we'll have even more intense relationships, heartwarming dialogue, and deep upset to look forward to in the near future.

The novel details the close and often troubled relationship between Frances and her best friend Bobbi, as they navigate a strange and unprecedented bond they've formed with married couple, Nick and Melissa.

News of the adaptation was first confirmed earlier this year, but the recent furore surrounding Normal People has renewed the interest - and let's be honest, unwavering excitement - for this upcoming series.


Rooney said in February that she was "so pleased" to be working with Lenny Abrahamson and BBC Three again for the upcoming adaptation.

"I'm confident we're going to find fresh and interesting ways of dramatising the novel's dynamics, and I'm excited to watch the process take shape‎," she said.

Abrahamson, who was also heavily involved in the making of Normal People, added: "I love Conversations With Friends, its depth, humour and freshness, and it’s an honour to be involved in bringing it to the screen.


"I’m particularly happy that my connection to Sally and her work is set to continue. Making Normal People has been a singular pleasure and I’m excited to be working with the same brilliant team again on Conversations With Friends."

Neither a release date nor casting details have been released for Conversations With Friends yet, but hopefully we won't be waiting all that long until another incredible Rooney adaptation is released.

In desperate need of something to look forward to, you know?