QUIZ: Can you name these Disney movies based off of the castle? 4 months ago

QUIZ: Can you name these Disney movies based off of the castle?

It's more difficult than it seems.

Whether it's a sprawling spooktacular estate or a jaw-dropping hilltop palace, most of Disney's animated classics involve some kind of castle.


There's even a few majestic palaces buried deep in the woods - and underwater.

No matter the locations, there's one thing that's a guarantee: these castles are going to be absolutely stunning.

Even when they may end up looking a bit run down.

(Seriously, have you seen Elsa's castle?!) 

Disney fans are, at this point, pretty likely to be familiar with the members of the royal courts - as well as their subjects.

But how well can you remember the spots that the kings, queens and Disney princesses call home?

Do you know Princess Aurora's castle from Elsa and Anna's home of Arendelle? What about the differences between the underwater kingdoms of Ariel and Kida Nedakh's Atlantis?


What about what the kingdom of Dunbroch, from Brave looks like?

No matter how many times you may have seen these classics, it's bound to be a challenge for even the most die-hard of Disney fans.

So, it's time to put your Disney knowledge to the test and see if you can match these 13 castles to their films.