Remember Hector? He's back doing another travel series for TG4 3 years ago

Remember Hector? He's back doing another travel series for TG4


Remember Hector Ó hEochagáin and his travel programmes on TG4?


Of course you do.

Hector went everywhere from the UK to Spain to Ibiza to other places that were decent enough but not nearly as iconically messy as the Ibiza documentary because honestly, what was even going on there?

Hector was an Irish language icon.

He brought Gaeilge and he brought a bit of craic and he combined the two in a half hour long show of mild debauchery and education - the saviour of dull mid-noughties Irish classes across secondary schools everywhere.

And from next week, he'll be back on our tellies wandering around the world, doing bits, and telling audiences about it in Irish.



Hector's gone fairly far away from home this time though - as far as Saigon and Siberia, in fact.

In the new eight part series, Hector will be travelling a total of 8,000 kilometres across Russia, Mongolia and China, Nepal and Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia, eventually ending up in Saigon.

Busy enough spin, in fairness to him.


While on his travels, Hector'll meet a load of people from class people who have set up children's funds to squad bikers to Sherpa girls who feed children on mountains.

Honestly, living for this. What a throwback.

Hector - Ó Siberia go Saigon kicks off next Thursday, October 25 at 9.30pm on TG4.