Riverdale has finally revealed Jughead's fate once and for all 2 years ago

Riverdale has finally revealed Jughead's fate once and for all

Spoilers for the latest episode of Riverdale. 

It's been one of the biggest mysteries of season four of Riverdale. 


But after countless twists, turns and seemingly never-ending cliffhangers, the fate of Forsythe Pendleton Jones III - better known to fans as Jughead - has been confirmed.

This is your last chance to avoid spoilers. Seriously, we mean it. 

Despite the fact that showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa seemingly confirmed otherwise, it looks like it is good news for the fans who weren't quite convinced of Jughead's demise.


The latest episode revealed that Jughead is, in fact, alive - and its all thanks to the help of Betty, Archie and Veronica. Who are seemingly taking the fall for his 'death'.

The episode Archie, Veronica and Betty go to great lengths to convince Donna, Brett and the rest of the Stonewall Prep students that Jughead was, in fact, dead.

They even throw a funeral, in which Betty reads a passage from Sherlock Holmes' The Final Problem (the one which features Sherlock's death). But Donna et al. aren't convinced - and after she tries to interrogate Jellybean, Betty throws them out of the funeral.

Later, Archie runs into Betty at Pop's where she confesses that she's having trouble with the pressure - and he puts his hand on hers to reassure her, which eagle-eyed Cheryl sees.


The next day, Betty tells him that she just wants "to feel good, even just for a few moments" and he assures her he's "always been there for her." And then they kiss.

Cheryl's nearby and catches a few photos of them (of course) and then texts them to Toni, Kevin and Reggie - among some others - before telling Veronica what happened. She confronts Betty and Archie over what happened, telling the two of them to "burn in hell".

However, Donna persists in tracking Betty and follows her as she brings an order of take-out into the bunker. But when she goes in there, she finds Betty alone with Archie.

It turns out that they're only doing it to trick Donna and the rest of the Stonewall Prep students - and Archie is in bed with Veronica, as the two of them laugh about their 'gambit'.


Oh, and as for Jughead? He's alive, he's just been hiding under a cot in the bunker. He's also got a replacement beanie, thanks to Betty.

Jughead and Veronica are worried that Betty and Archie's kiss may have reignited some old sparks - while 'Barchie' are sending late night messages to each other.

Meanwhile, Donna is still convinced that Jughead's alive, after she noticed a third milkshake in the bunker. And when Brett tells her that it's time to move on, she slaps him and warns him that she'll kill him next.

Hermosa finds out that Donna isn't quite who she says she is - and when the gang find out, Jughead declares it is the piece of the puzzle to take down the "Stoneys" once and for all.