I'm A Celeb: Roman Kemp commenting on Caitlyn Jenner didn't go down well with fans 2 years ago

I'm A Celeb: Roman Kemp commenting on Caitlyn Jenner didn't go down well with fans

I'm A Celebrity viewers weren't too happy with Roman Kemp after last night's show.

Radio DJ Roman Kemp had a bit of an issue with Caitlyn Jenner last night and fans were annoyed that he couldn't say this to her face.


When cleaning up after dinner and doing the washing-up with Nadine, Roman said that it frustrated him that she seems to have forgotten her manners and doesn't say please or thank you.

Caitlyn wasn't too impressed with the meal they had either, the octopus was "too" chewy for her liking and Roman wasn't too happy to hear her complaints.

Roman Kemp

Side-note - James Haskell and Jacqueline Jossa were on dinner duties and we doubt they'd have been too happy to hear Caitlyn's comments either.


Chatting to Nadine Coyle, Roman said that it "does his head in" when she doesn't acknowledge certain things or say please/thank you.

Nadine, ever the pacifier, defended Caitlyn and said that at 70-years-old, she had "paid her dues" but Roman didn't see this as any sort of acceptable excuse.

He then said that Caitlyn was just ten years older than his parents and didn't seem to accept this as a reason for what he deems rude behaviour.

However, while Roman might have a valid point, people at home watching questioned why he wouldn't say these things to Caitlyn's face and have it out with her, so to speak.


Others said that Caitlyn has been the fan favourite up to now and so they're wondering if it's necessary to make such a big deal of this.



Others did say that Roman has a point and everyone should have manners, regardless of their age. Added to that, saying please and thank you costs nothing, which is a very fair point when all is said and done.

It's clear to see there are some differences in the camp at the moment and it will be interesting to see how things play out over the next few days, before the show comes to an end.

Both Roman Kemp and Caitlyn Jenner have been frontrunners for the top spot and we don't think that's likely to change anytime soon.