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Ruth O'Neill talks long days, hard work and the reality of working on Xposé
The former presenter says it was a lot of hard work.

The former Xposé presenter has been revealing what life was really like behind-the-scenes on the lifestyle show.

Ruth O’Neill left the TV3 show last month after a year on Xposé and says she feels she was not paid adequately for the amount of work she did.

“For how much work you do, the pay is not equal to the work,” Ruth told The Independent.

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“People don’t understand, Xposé is crazy. It’s five days a week, sometimes six.

“It’s evenings, early mornings, flights, editing and voice-overs, but on top of that you are doing your own hair, makeup and clothes.

"So, when it comes to the ‘glam’ side, there isn’t really any support.”

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The 29-year-old also revealed that she and other newcomer, Cassie Stokes, were put under a lot of pressure to work late hours and travel to cover events, and Ruth thinks her age and familial status played a part in that decision.


“Myself and Cassie were doing a lot of travelling and a lot of the evening work. It was kind of expected, because [it was felt] ‘Oh well, you guys are free.’"

Ruth is now planning on moving to London to build a profile for herself over there.

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