"You have to listen very carefully:" Ryan Tubridy addresses Late Late Toy Show f-bomb claims 1 year ago

"You have to listen very carefully:" Ryan Tubridy addresses Late Late Toy Show f-bomb claims

Did you catch this slip up on Friday?

Hundreds of families across Ireland tuned in last Friday night for the annual Late Late Toy Show hosted by Ryan Tubridy.


Now, while most of us expect quips from the kids and maybe a toy firing off in the wrong direction, viewers got something a little less PG when Ryan had a bad run in with a bottle of Fanta.

While many people shared the clip stating that Ryan had said the f-word, it turns out that some people could actually hear a very different swear word.


I even posted on my social media that I thought he had said a b-word, one that's fairly commonly used in Ireland when mishaps occur.

Turns out I was right as Ryan recently revealed that his slip up was a swear word - but not the f-word.

Speaking on his RTE Radio One show this morning he said:


"I opened the bottle and it went everywhere. I still don't know if the bottle was shaken by somebody shaking it up behind the scenes, or if it was just one of those bottles.

And apparently somebody very naughty may or may not have said a certain word.

And I've been laughing about it all weekend because my phone melted with all sorts of nice things from people, thank you by the way for your nice comments.

The truth of the matter was, people thought it was an f-bomb it wasn't, strangely, it was a b-bomb. You have to listen very carefully, it probably rhymes closer to a word like pollocks rather than anything else."

I think my favourite part of the whole situation is how much laughter you can hear despite there not being any studio audience. The camera and sound crew just couldn't keep it in.

This year's Toy Show raised more than €6.4 million following an impromptu appeal, which will all be donated to Irish children's charities.