Ryan Tubridy hints this year might be his last Toy Show 1 year ago

Ryan Tubridy hints this year might be his last Toy Show

"I don't know know how many more of them I have got left in me. Maybe that was it."

Ryan Tubridy has hinted at the suggestion that last week's Toy Show may have been his last time at the helm.


The TV personality has been presenting both the Toy Show and the Late Late Show since 2009, but during his morning show on RTÉ Radio One, he said that his time as the show's affable host may be coming to an end.

He told listeners that he felt extremely tired in the days after this year's Toy Show.

Tubridy said: "People keep saying, 'take some rest, are you OK?' And I am not."

He went on: "I am banjaxed being straight with you. It takes, it knocks the wind out of you. But that is not the point.


"I don't know how many more of them have I got left in me. I don't know. Maybe that was it. We'll see."

He continued: "I'm at an age now where I don't know how much I can. I left it all on the floor on Friday night, along with everything else, all the tinsel and glitter and everything."

He then went on to share that he was moved to tears after a stranger paid for his bill at a restaurant over the weekend to "say thanks for the Toy Show".


He told listeners: "I cried. In public. Like a man-baby.

"My daughter was looking at me like, 'Are you OK?' It was just so kind, I was flabbergasted."

Indeed, this year's Toy Show was a resounding success on all accounts. As well as talented kids, emotional moments and celebrity cameos, a huge amount of money was raised for Irish children's charities through the Toy Show Appeal.

Fans tuned in from all over the world, and, in the end, a massive €6.8 million was raised for the charity cause.