This series of Love Island has already broken a massive record 3 years ago

This series of Love Island has already broken a massive record


This series of Love Island has been iconic for a lot of reasons.


It's got the lad who stole your lighter in Workman's that night (Eyal), it features every man who has ever said he could bench more than you weigh (Adam), and it's got the offspring of the most prolific British actor to ever roam this earth (Dani Dyer).

It's also broken a serious record for ITV.

The first episode of this series of the show was the most watched ITV2 programme ever and the most tuned into show on a digital channel since the London Olympics were broadcast on BBC3 in 2012.

Fair play.

According to consolidated data released by the channel, Love Island's first episode had an overall audience of 4.1 million after seven days.

This data includes people who watched the show when it first aired and those who tuned in during the week after.


Love Island 2017, by comparison, was watched by a consolidated audience of 2 million - 2.1 million less than this year's.

The series kicked off with a bang last Monday, seeing five new lads and five new girls coupling up... until Adam showed up and ruined everything like he always does.

Love Island airs every night on ITV2 and 3e at 9pm.