Sherlock fans are enthralled by last nights cliff-hanger 4 years ago

Sherlock fans are enthralled by last nights cliff-hanger

Another thing, Mrs Hudson is a badass!

If you haven't seen the most recent episode of Sherlock then here are two things to note.ย 1) Go and watch it now. 2) Consider this to be your spoiler alert.


If the finale to last week's episode, The Six Thatchers , was a visceral punch to the stomach, then this week's conclusion was like a shot of adrenaline that was injected straight into your heart.

Without giving away too many details, the episode saw the world's most famous detective square off againstย Culverton Smith,ย a tycoon with nefarious plans and a taste for the macabre.

As the credits rolled, the general impression was something like this.


Before we get to the finale, let's walk through some of the best moments.

There was lots of love for thisย rare moment of humanity and tenderness from Sherlock.


We can't write this article without mentioning Mrs Hudson.


She absolutely stole this episode. What a badass!


And now for the real cliffhanger...

Na, only messing.

To begin with, didn't everyone else think that this was actually going to happen?

As for the twist itself and the nail-biting cliffhanger, well...

This pretty much sums up the levels of excitement that Sherlock fans areย feeling right now.