Shock Love Island twist as either Lucinda or Brad will be dumped 2 months ago

Shock Love Island twist as either Lucinda or Brad will be dumped

Didn't see that one coming.

Love Island has dealt Lucinda and Brad a fairly big blow tonight as one of them will be dumped from the villa tomorrow.


Their fate, unfortunately, doesn't lie with the public or their fellow islanders - but themselves.

During tonight's show, the islanders gathered around the fire pit to hear who the public had voted the most and least compatible. The three least compatible couples - Brad and Lucinda, Sharon and Hugo, and Chloe and Toby, were all at risk of being dumped from the island.

But it was Brad and Lucinda who received the fewest votes from the public, despite fans of the series being adamant that they were going to make sure Chloe and Toby were dumped from the villa as soon as possible - a ploy that clearly has not come to fruition.

Earlier on in tonight's episode, Brad and Lucinda shared their first date (and Brad's first date ever) as they enjoyed a bottle of bubbly and discussed whether they thought their heads would be turned.

Brad agreed that his would not be, while Lucinda added that she didn't think anyone else would take her fancy on the show.

This came a few days after Lucinda expressed concern that Brad was "selling her a dream" by promising to do the cooking and cleaning while she "sat there and looked pretty."

The couple's decision, which will leave one of them in the villa and the other dumped, will air tomorrow night.