Someone edited together what Ross and Rachel's family would look like in 2020 8 months ago

Someone edited together what Ross and Rachel's family would look like in 2020

This is brilliant.

Lately everyone has been gushing about Jennifer Aniston's new Instagram account and to be honest, we are just loving the Friends reunion photos.

Even more recently Noelle Sheldon, one of the twin actresses who played Ross and Rachel's daughter Emma on the show posted a comical shot of her saying she just woke up from her nap. It was in reference to a joke on the show in which Chandler says 'hi Emma, it's 2020, are you still enjoying your nap?'

Of course with all of these posts, people are of course asking for reunion episodes but even though the gang seem to all still hang out, we don't know if we'll be seeing them back in Central Perk any time soon.

Saying that, I recently came across an edit where all of the Gellar and Green family were back together in 2020 and it's actually brilliant.

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Alongside Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are the actors who portrayed their children Emma (Noelle) and Ben (actor Cole Sprouse, now most famously known for his role in Riverdale).

I have to say the casting director that picked the children for their roles did well because as adults, they really do look like they could be related.

Of course we couldn't get a glimpse of Ben with Ross and not see his 2020 self with his mum Carol and step mum Susan.

How sweet is that?

These super cute family photos were created by Jessica Christina, who has a number of fantastic edits featured on her Instagram account.

These photos really do make me wish the reunion episodes were coming soon... Gilmore Girls got A Year In The Life, why can't Friends?