Sorry but, Chandler and Janice should have ended up together 2 weeks ago

Sorry but, Chandler and Janice should have ended up together

A recent Twitter thread has shone some light on a topic a lot of Friends fanatics have kept a secret until now, Chandler and Janice should have ended up together. And I am one of those fans!

Now, I know this has come out of nowhere and it really has for me too but the more I think about it the more I think these Friends obsessives on Twitter might have a point.

Don't get me wrong - I love Monica and Chandler together and I love them apart, but I agree with a lot of people on Twitter. I think they could have been better off as friends (excuse the pun)!

I don't know if I completely love that Monica and Chandler got together.

In an alternate TV universe if they stayed Friends, Chandler would have ended up back with Janice and Monica would have introduced us to some new hunky character who she would go on to marry. She also would have introduced us to a few funny characters along the way looking for Mr. Right.

Janice and Chandler were funny together. They just worked, their relationship was fun and had a bit of a fiery side. I just liked them better - there, I said it!

If you don't know who Janice is then you have hours of one of the greatest sitcoms in life to catch up on, so you should go watch some Netflix and come back to this article when you're done.

Whether you agree with me or not is another question, but come on, the series would have been far more fun that way, right?!

This whole discussion started on Twitter when Sarah Gibbs (@sara_rose_g) tweeted the simple question: "What's your most controversial Friends opinion?"

Tweeters of course went mad to get their say on the thread, and but funnily enough a huge majority of them were about Janice and Chandler.

They included comments like: "Janice was a better match for Chandler than Monica." Another tweeted: "Chandler and Janice were perfect for each other but it wasn't to be... #Friends."

"Chandler and Janice were soulmates!" said a third. Others noted how Janice was indeed too good for Chandler.

I will say I have to agree. I would have liked to see Chandler get off the plane to Yemen for Janice the same way Rachel jumped off her plane for Ross. The end.