Still living at home? RTÉ want you for a show about moving out 3 years ago

Still living at home? RTÉ want you for a show about moving out

Still living at home?

You're not the only one, hun.


Thousands of us are in the same position - almost 460,000 of us, in fact.

That's almost half a million of us who still have to tell our parents why we didn't come home the other night.

Who are forced to share one bathroom with our pre-pubescent siblings.

Who have to explain when and where we went for drinks with people our parents have never met anyway.

It can be pretty grim at times, but for many of us it's the only option we've got.

Lucky for us then that RTÉ2 are looking for people in this exact situation to take part in the second series of their show all about flying the nest, The Crowded House. 


The programme will focus on people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are still living at home and who are desperately hoping for the chance to leave soon.

Presented by Brendan Courtney, the series will help people who are struggling to leave their parents' homes in the midst of the housing crisis, showing them their options and (hopefully) allowing them to get their moving out plans back on track.

Financial expert Eoin McGee will also be on hand to provide planning advice and information about available housing options.

As well as this, the show is also looking for parents who are sick and tired of their grown-up children who just won't leave.

So, you know, there's something for everyone really.


You can apply for the next series of The Crowded House here, by emailing, or by calling 01 708818.