Tasha and Andrew are on the rocks as the boys choose in a recoupling on tonight's Love Island 1 month ago

Tasha and Andrew are on the rocks as the boys choose in a recoupling on tonight's Love Island

We're in for a good one.

Last night we saw Tasha's head slightly turning as Charlie joined the Love Island gang, and tonight it seems matters between her and Andrew are only getting worse.


After taking Tasha on a date to the Hideaway, Tasha admitted she wouldn't mind getting to know him more, and would even be interested in a second date with him.

Keen to find out how she got on after the date, and ahead of a recoupling, Tasha spills more than Andrew is prepared for.

Speaking with Andrew, Tasha says: “I went in with a complete open-mind to see what happens. It was a good date. He’s a good-looking guy.”


Andrew replies: “I’m not surprised he picked you. You’re a very good-looking girl. You’re obviously super nice and amazing.”

Clearly taken back by what she says, Andrew confides in Antigoni and Jay about what has been going on.

Suggesting the recoupling might not go his way, he says: "I know what’s happening tonight.”

Tasha pulls Charlie for a chat as this goes on, when Charlie says: "I wanted to see where your head's at, really. I enjoyed the date today, it was good fun. We got on pretty well. If I were to pick you, would you be open to seeing what would happen or are you closed off to it?”


Could this be the end of Tasha and Andrew as we know it?

We'll definitely find out at the recoupling as the islanders head to the garden for the evening, when Indiyah gets a text that reads: "Islanders, tonight, there will be a recoupling. The boys will choose which girl they want to couple up with. #bigswitchenergy #bedswap."

Considering his options, Jay heads for a chat with Antigoni and Indiyah, who are keen to see who he's planning on picking after his break up with Ekin-Su after announcing he fancies Paige.


Keeping it to himself, he says: "I’m not sure…"

Indiyah then says: “I guess tonight all the boys just have to take a chance really.”

Later, Danica receives a text to tell the islanders to gather around the fire pit, and the rest is up to us to watch tonight.