The filming for Love Island 2019 officially begins this week 3 years ago

The filming for Love Island 2019 officially begins this week

Love Island 2019 is just a few months away and we couldn't be more excited.

Last year, the ITV2 show took over basically our whole summer.


There were eight long weeks filled with countless conversations about recoupling, kicking off, getting mugged off, and not putting all of your eggs in one basket - and we absolutely loved it.

Which is why we were particularly excited when Caroline Flack confirmed that the filming for Love Island 2019 kicks off this week.

The 39-year-old made the announcement on her Instagram account on Monday, as she was on the way to the gym for some "island prep".


Adding that it was a "big week", she revealed that filming for Love Island 2019 is going to kick off this week - and by the end of the week, she will "potentially" have seen the cast for this year.

She said:

"What’s really exciting about this week is that we start filming for Love Island 2019 and by the end of the week I am going to have potentially seen the cast for this year.


"That is really exciting and mad that it’s come around this quick, so I’ll let you know what happens. It’s going to be a long, hot summer and all that."

There's sill no official release date for Love Island 2019 just yet, but based on previous seasons it is most likely going to be early June or the very end of May.

Tens of thousands of people are already thought to have applied to be on this years series.


And while there's still no word just yet as to who will be going into the famous villa this summer, there have been a few names linked to this series - including Big Brother's Lotan Carter.