There's a post-credits scene in Frozen 2, in case you want to go watch it again 1 year ago

There's a post-credits scene in Frozen 2, in case you want to go watch it again

Olaf, never change.

Frozen 2 came out a few weeks back.


It had everything one could possibly want from a movie about the cold never bothering someone anyway: a snowman, two gals, and a lot of decent songs.

The film has, unsurprisingly, been quite a hit with fans and families around the world. Of course it has, it's too wholesome not to be.

However, chances are that those among us who have seen the movie (and yeah, at this stage it's probably safe to say that that's most people on this earth), haven't actually seen all of the movie.

Because there's a post-credits scene featuring Olaf right at the end - and it's worth sticking around for, tbh.

During Frozen 2, Olaf very kindly informs the audience what they may have missed in the first movie if they weren't paying attention.

It's a lovely moment for everybody who loves the adorable, bumbling snowman, as well as those among us who have simply forgotten what happened a mere three years ago.


Anyway, although anybody who watched Frozen 2 would have been familiar with Olaf's summary, only those who stuck around to watch the post-credits scene will have witnessed his second go at refreshing everybody's memory.

Because Olaf doesn't just retell the story of Frozen, he also retells the story of Frozen 2 - right after the audience has just watched it.


Olaf tells his story to an audience comprised of the ice goblin, as well as a bunch of mini (cute, maybe?) ice-goblin babies, informing them that Queen Elsa discovered even more about herself and her powers in this latest instalment of the franchise.

And even though, yeah, we already knew this, it's nice to be reminded.


Cheers, Olaf.