This company will pay you almost €1,000 to watch Friends all day 6 months ago

This company will pay you almost €1,000 to watch Friends all day

You know those hundreds of hours you've put away watching Friends when you're dying hungover, you're bet to the couch and there's nothing else on?

Turns out you could have been making money the whole time.

Watching episodes of an old TV show that you've already seen countless times may seem like a waste of a day – but now a company will give you cash to do just that.

In honour of Friends turning 25 this year, sales company Frontier Bundles is paying someone $1,000 to watch 25 hours of the show. That's roughly 60 episodes of Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, Rachel and Chandler, just BTW.

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They're promising the viewer $1,000 (around €903) in return for their time and dedication, as well as a 'Friends Fundom pack' including a Friends t-shirt, Central Perk mug, popcorn, treats, and a 12-month Netflix subscription.

"This job is for any self-proclaimed die-hard Friends superfan looking to prove their salt," say Frontier Bundles.

"We’re in search of the ones who know the quotes (“PIVOT!!”), the hilarious scenarios (the beef in the trifle; the Holiday Armadillo), and all the little details (exactly how many sisters does Joey have? What is Chandler’s job?) that make the show the tried and true classic it is.

All you'd have to do is sit back, watch the show and live tweet your experience; basically how a lazy weekend day would go anyway.

Check out all the details here.