This leaked email shows what the US really thinks of Boris Johnson 3 years ago

This leaked email shows what the US really thinks of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson is back in the game.

It didn't take the former Mayor of London and one-time UK prime ministerial hopeful long to find himself another cushy number.

The bumbling blond bagged himself one of the most sought-after jobs in government, when he was named Foreign Secretary by new PM Theresa May.

Despite a litany of gaffes and insulting slurs against everyone from Liverpudlians to the people of Papua New Guinea, Boris will be Britain's representative to the world.

Yet just hours after he landed the top job, Wikileaks' official Twitter account gave everyone a gentle reminder of how he's viewed across the pond in the good old USA.

It won't make for enjoyable reading in the Johnson household, that's for sure.

The rather uncomplimentary email about Boris is purportedly from US diplomats that was leaked by WikiLeaks in 2008 as part of a tranche of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables.

The cable reads:

Conservative candidate Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s successful candidacy for the Mayor of London has defied the laws of political gravity.

“Johnson is best known as a mistake-prone former journalist twice exposed for committing adultery, now a Conservative MP.

“Johnson is also well known for apologizing: to the people of Liverpool for accusing them of mawkish sentimentality following the beheading of a resident of the city in Iraq; to the people of Portsmouth after describing the town as ‘too full of drugs, (and) obesity’; to the people of Papua New Guinea for associating them ‘with orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing,’ and to the people of Africa after remarking on their ‘watermelon smiles’.

“He was also sacked as a member of the Shadow Cabinet for lying about an extra-marital affair.”