Viewers in tears over mum who donated her late son's heart to save another child 5 months ago

Viewers in tears over mum who donated her late son's heart to save another child

So touching.

This Morning viewers have been left in tears after a mother appeared on the show who had donated her son's heart in order to save another child.


Anna-Louise Bates lost her husband Stuart and son Fraser six years ago after they were hit by a careless driver, and then made the decision to have their organs donated.

Fraser's heart was donated to a boy with a heart defect, who also appeared on the show with his mum to explain how this one kind deed changed his life.

Zoe and her son Roman told the emotional story of how the transplant gave him another chance at life, with Zoe getting visibly emotional talking about it.


Anna-Louise also went into detail about how much the donation meant to her personally as she could see similarities between her son and Roman.

Zoe revealed: "Anna sent me a picture of Fraser with a gorilla and when we met Anna for the first time Roman picked a gorilla to give to her."

Anna-Louise added: "The moment I saw Roman, I could just see the character in his eyes. His heart and his character just seemed to epitomise the big heart that Fraser had.

"Straight away he designed a football shirt to wear to meet me for the first time in honour of Fraser and that’s exactly what Fraser would have done... To actually appreciate what the real meaning of Christmas is and it is the gift of life."




Viewers at home were left speechless by the interview, and were completely moved by the gesture.

One person wrote: "My goodness! What amazing families. I can’t see through the tears."

Another said: "What an amazing woman. So dignified & gracious after such tragedy. So much love to her & Elizabeth."

A third wrote: "#ThisMorning such a powerful story on this morning, two very strong mammies."