TikTok star goes after viral after shopping centre marriage proposal rejected 7 months ago

TikTok star goes after viral after shopping centre marriage proposal rejected

The bizarre video has garnered over 7 million views.

The hashtag Ben 10 is currently trending on Twitter after a young man proposed to his girlfriend dressed as the children's cartoon character.


The man in question is a YouTuber by the name of Matt10. He originally shared the video on his TikTok account and YouTube channel.

In the caption he wrote: "I proposed to my girlfriend of three years, and this is what happened."

Unfortunately, it seemed his partner wasn't ready for the commitment and turned him down in the Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey.

In the brutal video, the Ben 10 cosplayer pops the question in a crowded food court. Onlookers watch as his girlfriend turns him down and walks away.

Two kind strangers help him back up onto his feet and offer him comfort.

The video soon went viral on TikTok, not only because of the content, but also because of the protagonist's outfit choice.

In fact, many TikTok users were puzzled over his attire, and felt it must have been a prank.


Whether or not, this was the intention, the video quickly gained traction across numerous social media platforms.

The video has garnered over 7.7 million views, and thousands of comments and retweets.

In fact, the New Jersey Twitter account cited the video as a cautionary tale.

They tweeted: "Please don't propose to people at the Menlo Park Mall food court."


Additionally, many speculated that the woman may have been intimidated by her partner's uncanny resemblance to Ben 10.

One person wrote: "She was probably scared of the black Air-Forces."

Another commented: "He even had that Ben 10 drip."


Twitter user DakotaDedicate1 said: "I feel bad for him but that outfit was a bit much."

It is currently unclear whether or not the video is a hoax, but regardless, we hope Matt10 is doing OK today.