Tina O'Brien explains exactly how all the Platts manage to sleep in that tiny house 8 months ago

Tina O'Brien explains exactly how all the Platts manage to sleep in that tiny house

A question that has plagued us for years.

Not since the days of Richard Hillman, have we been so collectively confused by the Platt family's actions.

Why couldn't they simply see he was a murderer? How come they didn't believe Audrey? Could Gail truly have been so desperate for love that she was willing to put all of her children in danger for the sake of the ride?

Turns out she was, in fairness.

Once all that wrapped itself up quite neatly though, there wasn't really any other issues we, as a collective nation, had with the Platt family.

Except, that is, the one burning question that has honestly been keeping us up most nights - how in God's name do they all manage to sleep in that tiny house?

See above, for context.

It's a decent sized house like, definitely bigger than your average semi-detached, but it's no castle, and yet about 27 of them manage to fit in there to sleep.

We've got Gail, Sarah, Bethany, Harry, David, Max Lily, Shona, and of course, the dog.

See? Absolutely loads of them, all in the one gaff, doesn't make sense.

Except, it might do because according to Tina O'Brien, there is a way that they can all sleep (partially) comfortably, and it doesn't involve sneaking out the back and sleeping in the shed.

The actor, who has played Sarah Platt since 1999, told The Sun: 

“I think at night time it’s one of those camper vans and there’s something in the roof that just stretches up and people get in.”

Right, cool.

She then, stopped taking the piss, and told the truth.

“Sarah and Bethany are sharing a bed, that’s how it works.

“There’s three bedrooms upstairs, so there’s Sarah and Bethany with Harry, then there’s Max and Lily and then there’s Gail. And then there’s David and Shona in the granny flat.”

Honestly, we weren't even aware that there was a granny flat in that house but OK, yeah cool, if you say so, Tina.