Tom throws major shade at Maura tonight, and it's pretty damn harsh 9 months ago

Tom throws major shade at Maura tonight, and it's pretty damn harsh

Ah lads.

So, earlier this week, Tom came under fire for making some rude comments about Maura.

While the pair were off preparing for their romantic evening in the Hideaway, Tom started behaving in a less than cute way.

"Let's see if she's all mouth or not" said Tom to the other lads, speaking about Maura.

Maura overheard Tom's conversation, and rightly had a go at him.

She told him to "fuck off" after what she called his "dick head" comment.

Anyway, tonight, having put their Hideaway drama behind them, Maura and Tom get on track, and seize a private moment to discuss their re-coupling.


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Maura tells him:

"Your speech was so cute. Did you not see I was trying not to smile too much. You did impress I have to say."

With that, the pair lean in for a kiss. Ooh la la.

From a distance, Molly-Mae and Tommy then spot the clinch, with Molly-Mae declaring:

"There’s literally a bedroom right there."

Excited about the direction things are heading in, Maura updates the Beach Hut on where things stand between them:

"Now we’re coupled up we’ll see how things go. I think myself and him are very excited to share a bed together for the first time. Have a little bit of a cuddle and see where things go. Things are looking really good at the moment."

However, the next day, Tom shares his concerns about Maura with Jordan, and it's kind of rude.

"You never know do you? If another girl comes in that makes a beeline for me and she’s fit and she ticks all my boxes. The thing with me and Maura is, between me and you, she doesn’t necessarily tick all my boxes."


He continues:

"She’s a bit OTT, she’s a bit too loud and attention seeking and sometimes that’s not me. She makes me cringe a little bit. On the other side, I enjoy her banter, I enjoy the energy. So I can’t have it all my own way."

We're confused.