Here's the top 10 Louis Theroux docs streaming on Netflix right now 1 year ago

Here's the top 10 Louis Theroux docs streaming on Netflix right now

There are a lot of documentaries streaming on Netflix.

There are also a lot of Louis Theroux documentaries streaming on Netflix.


If you're at all gasping to watch one, and simply can't decide which to go for, don't fear, we got you.

Because here's a top 10 list. Enjoy.

10: When Louis Met... Paul & Debbie 

Wholesome, touching, and quite a pleasant watch, When Louis Met... Paul and Debbie follows the late Paul Daniels and wife Debbie McGee.


Paul considers whether he's ready to retire, and Debbie sets up a ballet company. It's not as controversial as When Louis Met... The Hamiltons, but sure listen, what can you do?

9: Beware of the Tiger 

Otherwise known as America's Most Dangerous Pets, coming in at a respectable #9 is Louis's rendezvous with none other than Joe Exotic - a man who quickly became the hero of lockdown back in March when lockdown was still a new thing.


Watch his first jaunt with Louis on Netflix now, if you still need some Exotic in your life.

8: Dark States: Trafficking Sex 

In one of Louis' more gritty documentaries, he considers the impact of the illegal sex industry on women living in Texas, as well as the complex relationship between a sex worker and her pimp.


7: A Place for Paedophiles 

Spoiler: the place is a mental hospital.

6: Weird Weekends: Christianity 


The first of the Weird Weekends rankings here - and absolutely not the last.

In this 90s doc, Louis enters into the Christian community to see what the craic is over there. Typical Louis awkwardness ensues.

5: Weird Weekends: Porn 

You think Christianity was awkward? Just wait until you see Louis tackle porn.

Theroux has dived deep into the world of pornography multiple times during his incredible career, but this was the first time - and actively the least depressing.

An easy watch, a relaxing view, a welcome respite from the chaos of the world. Thank you.

4: Extreme Love: Dementia 

Aaaaand we're back to the incredibly upsetting reality of the real world.

Extreme Love: Dementia is a difficult watch. It's sad. It's really, really sad. It's about people with dementia and how the condition has affected their relationships with their families.

There's a man who doesn't remember that he's married. It's really sad, as aforementioned.

3: Weird Weekends: Swingers 

Now we're talkin'.

The final and most incredible of the Weird Weekends entries here, Swingers. We're talking sex parties, we're talking food involvement, we're talking questionable curtains and intense activities occurring in unassuming suburban homes.

Swingers will never leave you. Incredible viewing.

The below video is not related to this documentary, but listen, it's close enough.

2: The Most Hated Family in America 

Louis meets the Phelps family. Enough said.

1: Louis Theroux: Savile 

In the wake of Operation Yewtree, Louis revisits his previous documentary with Jimmy Savile, speaking to the TV personality's victims and questioning his own failure in uncovering Savile's crimes.

The film is honest, thought-provoking, uncomfortable, and introspective - a classic Louis through and through.