Toy Show 2020: Yes, it's happening - and here's everything we know so far 1 year ago

Toy Show 2020: Yes, it's happening - and here's everything we know so far

Dust off your vaguely recognisable Irish celebrities, because the Toy Sow 2020 is HAPPENING.

Yes, despite the fact that Ireland has failed to progress to Stage Four of the roadmap reopening the economy, this year's Toy Show will indeed go ahead.


Ryan Tubridy confirmed the exciting and really quite necessary news today, stating that this year's Toy Show will be happening.

And that it's going to be "the most important one yet."

Here's everything we know so far about Toy Show 2020.


Is the Toy Show going ahead this year? 

Yes, as aforementioned, Toy Show 2020 is going ahead.

Ryan Tubridy confirmed the news on RTÉ Radio 1 today, saying that this year's Christmas event looks set to be "the most important one yet."

"I've got some really good news for you," Ryan said. "The Toy Show 2020, it's happening. It's going to be arguably the most remarkable Toy Show we have ever put together.


"It’s going to be like something you’ve never heard or seen before. You won’t be able to even guess because I was onto the North Pole, I don’t have a direct line to your man, but I do have contacts with the diplomatic corps.

"And the Big Man is getting very excited about having to Covid his way through Christmas."

How will coronavirus affect the Toy Show? 


It's not yet known exactly what new measures will be put in place to protect children and audience members (if there are any) during this year's Toy Show, but we do know that health restrictions will be enforced to ensure that everyone involved in the programme will be as safe as they can be.

"There are regulations in place this year," said Ryan, "and [Santa] made contact to say make sure the Long Fella, as he calls me, in Ireland does that show, because those children need it more than ever."

Ryan added that children in Ireland this year are specifically in need of some "sunshine in their lives."

Aren't we all, Ryan?


What date will Toy Show 2020 air? 

Again, this has not yet been confirmed (c'mon lads, it's still July), BUT if past Toy Shows are anything to go by - and they should be - the Christmas special tends to air on the final Friday of November.

So, that would be make this year's date Friday, November 27.

We're mark it down anyway. Provisionally.