The trailer for this year's Late Late Toy Show is here and we are PUMPED 3 years ago

The trailer for this year's Late Late Toy Show is here and we are PUMPED


The Late Late Toy Show is on on November 30 this year - that's only a whole 10 days away, lads.


That's less than two weeks.

That's less than the amount of time an ASOS delivery takes to get your gaff, even though you paid for express shipping.

It's soon.

And we are pumped and hyped and all of those other emotions that people tend to feel when something glorious is on the horizon.


So far, very little information about Toy Show 2018 has been revealed, other than Ryan Tubridy saying it's going to be like "nothing" audiences have seen before. 

And, in truth, he probably has to say that because if it was like anything audiences had seen before, nobody would watch it, because it would be old news, so there.

About a month ago, Tubs said:


"Well, I can say that it is not anything that you've seen before on the Toy Show.

"It's like no other theme that has gone before - that's a definite. That's the most definite vagueness I can give you."

Grand, cheers.

Today, though, we've been given that little bit more in the form of the Toy Show trailer.


And in true Toy Show fashion it gives very little away other the fact that you're going to want to grab your dog, grab your da, grab your Christmas jumper and leg it home next Friday.


You can watch the trailer in full here.