WATCH: Cats star Jason Derulo reveals that he's still a dog person 10 months ago

WATCH: Cats star Jason Derulo reveals that he's still a dog person

"Cats don't have knees!"

Of the many big names in the new movie version of Cats, Jason Derulo was the one that made us go "WHA?!"

Known for his insane dance moves and tracks like Talk Dirty To Me – as well as for playing up his own huge ego – the R'n'B star just doesn't seem like the most obvious choice for the revival of a madcap, camp, 1980s musical... But there you go.

The movie hits screens today and although it's received what could kindly be described as 'mixed' reviews (you can read what Her thought of it here) we find ourselves oddly fascinated by it and its CGI fur-clad stars.

We met with Jason before the film's release to talk about his role as 'party cat' Rum Tum Tugger. Jason revealed that he had gone to 'cat school' to give his legendary dance moves a more feline look.

"We did go to cat school which was very interesting as you can imagine, learning the ins and outs about a cat, but also mannerisms and embodying a cat. And we had to do our own homework of course, so I spent a lot of time in the mirror. I spent a lot of time videoing myself and making sure that I was embodying the kind of cat that I wanted to be."

One of the most challenging parts of learning to move like a cat, Jason says, is resisting the temptation to get down on your hands and knees – because "cats don't have knees!" so the movement looked too human.

Despite his now in-depth knowledge of cats, however, Jason controversially reveals that when it comes to pets he still prefers a pooch.

"I'm warming up to the idea of cats a little bit, but I'm definitely a dog person."

You can watch the full interview here and below.