WATCH: Euphoria season 2 trailer has dropped along with the release date 1 year ago

WATCH: Euphoria season 2 trailer has dropped along with the release date

It returns 9 January.

The chaotic new trailer for Euphoria's long-awaited second season has just dropped and it looks like Rue is about to get herself in to more trouble than ever.


In the trailer, we meet the teenager, played by Zendaya, in the midst of her break-up with Jules (Hunter Schafer) and witness her struggle with addiction again.

“When I first met her, I was just immediately in love,” Rue narrates over scenes from their relationship.  “As soon as I saw her, I was just immediately afraid to lose her.”

We also learn that she has come up up with a new "amazing plan" as she carries a mysterious suitcase with her everywhere, even to her addiction meetings.

As for the rest of the gang, a new relationship seems to be brewing between Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) and Nate (Jacob Elordi).


Newcomer Dominic Fike is also front and centre, a drug dealer who looks set to end up forming a close relationship with Rue, as she tells him he is her "new favourite person".

Season two of the gritty drama has been quite a while coming as the new episodes were originally set to begin filming in March 2020 but the pandemic meant filming would have to wait a little longer. Instead, creator Sam Levinson focused on two stand-alone "holiday specials" revolving around the lives of Rue and Jules.

The new season's official synopsis reads: "Amidst the intertwining lives in the town of East Highland, 17-year-old Rue must find hope while balancing the pressures of love, loss, and addiction.”

Season one was well-received, with Zendaya receiving huge praise for her portrayal of a young person battling depression and addiction.


In creating the characters, Levinson previously said he took inspiration from his own life.

“I just feel like there is such a disconnect between what young people are going through and what everyone else thinks they’re going through,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “We didn’t want to pull any punches. We didn’t want to make it feel like we were holding anything back or that we are hiding anything.”

Euphoria season two will debut on HBO on Sunday 9 January with new episodes airing weekly.