WATCH: The full trailer for Dead To Me season two is finally here 4 weeks ago

WATCH: The full trailer for Dead To Me season two is finally here

Hook it to my veins.

It's nearly May guys, and you know what that means.

No, not that half the year has almost been lost to Covid-19. No, not that we're one mere month closer to social distancing eventually becoming a thing of the past.

It means that Dead To Me season two is almost here. And our bodies, they are ready.

The eagerly anticipated second season of the incredible dark comedy is coming to Netflix on May 8 - and with it are a whole host of new issues for Jen and Judy to navigate, some of them more deathly concerning than others.

Like the fact that they've now got a murder on their hands. That'll do it, alright.

The release date for Dead To Me season two was confirmed not long ago, but at that time we didn't have a trailer. We didn't have an array of footage. We didn't have an accurate portrayal of how trying to dispose of a dead body is sure to mess with your mental health.

But now we d0 - and boy, is it exciting?

Season two of the series (starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini) sees Jen and Judy attempt to deal with their own grief, as well as the fact that they have literal blood on their own hands.

Pursued by the ruthless Detective Perez, the women will have a lot more to worry about than just the odd white lie this time.

There'll be plenty of those too though. Don't worry.

You can check out the official trailer for Dead To Me season two, streaming from May 8, here: