WATCH: The trailer for Line Of Duty season 6 is here 8 months ago

WATCH: The trailer for Line Of Duty season 6 is here

We can't wait!

Last week it was announced that the eagerly anticipated sixth season of Line Of Duty will debut on BBC One on March 21.


The filming of the latest filming was delayed due to Covid related restrictions but now fans can get a first glimpse at what they can expect from season six as the trailer has finally landed.

The next season of the hit show looks set to be one of its most riveting yet, as the police have to investigate one of their own after a suspicious murder.

In the trailer it is revealed that AC-12 will investigate the unsolved murder of senior police officer Gail Vella, which will involved looking into the possibility that police corruption might come into play.

In the new series, Ted Hastings (played by Adrian Dunbar), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) are now required to investigate Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald).

From the snippet, the new season looks fraught with tension and suspense, and as fans of the crime drama we can't wait to dive in this month.


Martin Compston, who plays Steve Arnott in the show, also recently during an interview with RadioTimes that there is a "bombshell" twist midway through the series.

"For this year, I think we've filmed [episodes] one and two, and as a cast, we've got [the scripts for] three and four, and Jed is writing five and six and we haven't seen them, and there's a bombshell at the end of four and I'm desperate to find out what happens."

Besides The Vanishing at the Cecil and Behind Her Eyes, this latest season of Line of Duty could be one of the biggest crime binge watches of the year.

We'll definitely be tuning in anyway come March 21.