What is going on with Lucinda and Aaron? 1 year ago

What is going on with Lucinda and Aaron?

Whereeee did that come from?

Aaron and Lucinda have started cracking on, and no, we haven't got a clue where that came from either.


The pair started chatting during tonight's episode of Love Island after Liam told Lucinda that Aaron fancied her.

"Maybe it's my time to start focusing on the present and not dwell on the past," Lucinda said, after admitting that Aaron was her "number two" after Brad, who left the villa, approx one day ago.

Lucinda then told Aaron that she doesn't flirt, before considering that maybe she does flirt, before telling Aaron that he "eye flirts", and confirming that she does, in fact, flirt.


As it turns out, the rest of the islanders are just as confused about the situation as the general public, with Sharon saying "the girl's only just stopped crying" after hearing that the pair had been getting to know each other.

Later on on the swing, Aaron told Lucinda that she was his "number one" and that he was "very interested" in her. She said that she was interested in him too, so that's that then.

Tonight's episode kicked off with new girl AJ's entrance into the villa. The hair extension technician chatted her way around the boys, deciding that Aaron, Hugo, and Teddy were her favourites.

At some point Faye stated that she didn't feel threatened by AJ, which is fair enough, but AJ is very much into her man, so maybe she should be. He is an Aries after all.


Basically, Liberty and Jake and Liam and Millie are the only couples who seem solid at this point. Anything can happen, nothing means anything, and anyone can get with anyone, really.