Will Smith said the nicest thing about Graham Norton 2 years ago

Will Smith said the nicest thing about Graham Norton

The Hollywood star believes Norton has what it takes to make it on to the big screen.

Will Smith has paid Graham Norton the ultimate compliment, insisting the Corkman has what it takes to succeed as a Hollywood actor.

Smith has appeared many times on Norton's BBC chat show, and says that the Bandon man's greatest strength is "that dry Irish humour."

He is quoted by The Irish Sun as saying:

“Graham is genuinely one of the funniest people I’ve ever encountered and I have met, and worked with, some funny people. You know, that’s saying something.

“I love the show, doing the show, I love the red chair thing when he flips people over. He’s like the King of TV and that would totally translate into movies. I’d love to work with him on a script.

“He’s got this really cool, really unique ability to literally hold the audience in the palm of his hand with one look.

“It’s crazy. Just one look combined with that dry Irish humour.

“I’m surprised he isn’t doing ­movies, he should be doing movies. His presence, it’s unique, I could see him doing all kinds and audiences really responding."