The Body on The Cube has finally been unmasked after 11 years 3 weeks ago

The Body on The Cube has finally been unmasked after 11 years

Finally, the lady who has impressed us all with her abilities to defeat every challenge in the game show The Cube has taken off her mask.

Firstly, I can't believe this is the first time we're seeing who the real face behind the white suit and helmet is. And secondly I can't believe it's been over ten years since the show first aired.

If you've ever seen a game of The Cube you will be very familiar with the person dressed in all white who shows contestants how to complete a challenge before they give it a go. She makes it look pretty simple. In fact she makes it look so simple that she almost embarrasses some contestants.

She's been known as The Body for years... until now, because the woman behind the infamous character has been revealed as model and singer Andrianna Christofi.

Since the show began in 2009, Andrianna has been elegantly finding her way through even the toughest Cube challenges.


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The suit and nothing but the suit? #thecube #thebody #fitnessmodel #itv #sportlife

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The model posted a photo to Instagram recently, revealing herself with the caption: "The suit and nothing but the suit."

She also told The Sun in a recent interview that she's been working in entertainment for over 20 years and has even sang with the Spice Girls and Boyzone.

According to Andrianna, the show often gets some strange requests when she's in her full body suit and helmet. "I often get asked for kinky stuff," she says. "Some see me as a dominatrix - 'I'll pay you this amount if I can wrestle you."