World's favourite fictional teachers ranked and we're not surprised by #1 3 years ago

World's favourite fictional teachers ranked and we're not surprised by #1

We all had a favourite teacher (or two) growing up.

They help to shape and mold the people that we end up becoming as adults, but can fictional teachers also have an impact on our lives.


According to a recent survey a lot of people believe that they do and even went so far as to rank their favourite fictional teachers.

Exam Papers Plus asked 1,000 people who their favourite fictional teachers were, some we were expecting, others are a bit more surprising.

Number two to ten in the top ten favourite fictional teachers were:

2. Minerva McGonagall – Harry Potter
3. Dewey Finn – School of Rock
4. Sam Coulson – Never Been Kissed
5. Yoda – Star Wars
6. Severus Snape – Harry Potter
7. Walter White – Breaking Bad
8. Ross Geller – Friends
9. John Kimble – Kindergarten Cop
10. Remus Lupin – Harry Potter


But the teacher coming in at number one was of course...

That's right everyone's all time favourite fictional teacher is Ms. Honey from Matilda. Can't say that we're surprised as she would have been our pick too.

All together over 50 fictional teachers were listed with many Hogwarts professors and Ms Norbury from Mean Girls making the list (honestly I thought she would have ranked higher than #17.


There were a few more surprising additions including Walter White from Breaking Bad and even Miss Trunchbull, what?

Is your favourite fictional teacher on the list?