X Factor WILL reopen public vote despite technical disaster last night 4 years ago

X Factor WILL reopen public vote despite technical disaster last night

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X Factor bosses have revealed that the public vote will reopen during tonight’s episode despite it being cancelled last night after a technical blunder.


According to reports, producers have been figuring out a way to air all 12 performances in full again tonight in a bid to ensure the voting process goes ahead fairly after Danny Tetley’s performance was ruined by an audio error.

“Each of last night’s performances from our 12 contestants will be played out in full on tonight’s X Factor before the public vote opens,” a spokeswoman for the show said.

“This follows the sound issues on part of last night’s show.”

Although this won’t make a huge difference to the running time of the show, the episode is expected to run five minutes longer than intended.


Last night’s episode left hundreds of viewers making formal complaints after a technical issue resulted in distorted audio during Danny Tetley’s performance.

This comes one week after Danny had to restart his performance during the live show.

Danny was performing Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever when an error occurred that made his voice sound robotic.

A message appeared on screen saying to viewers, "We are sorry for the temporary interference in sound".


While it was said voting would reopen tonight, there were questions around how the producers would do it fairly to all contestants.

So looks like viewers will have to sit through all those performances again before making up their minds.