Yikes! Vincent Browne said the F word on LIVE TV last night 6 years ago

Yikes! Vincent Browne said the F word on LIVE TV last night

Vincent Browne is one of our nation's gems.

When he's not interrogating politicians or roasting presidential candidates, he's hanging out with Glenda Gilson and all the other girls at Xposé. Iconic.


As one of Ireland's most popular TV presenters, he is known for his passion for and on Irish politics and his extensive knowledge on the topic, and especially not holding back when questioning his guests on his TV3 chat show.

Just back from a break, it was last night on Tonight with Vincent Browne that the 71-year-old presenter was left a little embarrassed when he accidentally made a doozy.

While talking about Phil Hogan, Browne was getting pretty riled up as he said:

"And the fella who made the real cock up is given promotion to the European commission. It's f***ing ama... sorry, it's amazing."


He then admitted, "I'm sorry, I've been off for a few weeks so..." as the whole studio erupts into laughter.

Ah Jaysus Vincent. That's no excuse!

Tut tut Vincent. What would your Mammy say?

Lead image via YouTube